Some exciting news …

Update December 8, 2015: The new ship date will be January 15, 2016. There are still a few trishaws left to reserve on this shipment.

A very special delivery will be on its way from Denmark to USA/Canada in mid December.

What could it be …

Well, only a total of 24 trishaws that’s what!

We expect the trishaws to arrive in mid January, but if you’re interested, it’s already possible to make a reservation now. All you have to do is send us an e-mail and let us know how many bikes you’d like to reserve at

The bikes are the original 5001 model ‘Cycling Without Age’ from Christiania Bikes, and the price is expected to be 38,500 DKK (currently 5,500 USD plus shipment from port of entry to your location). We accept payment in USD and CDN.

We at Cycling Without Age are so thrilled to see and feel your enthusiasm all across the world, it’s so encouraging to experience the dedication that clearly comes through all your shared thoughts and images from your trips.

We’ll get back to you with more information, as soon as we have a clear idea of just how big the interest is, and if we find that it’s even bigger than expected, it will be possible to order even more trishaws.

Please feel free to drop us a line in the comment field below to give us a sense of your thoughts on this exciting news.

Learn more about our program and about setting up a chapter on our global website.

Thank you

– from all of us at Cycling Without Age in Denmark

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7 thoughts on “Some exciting news …

  1. Well my goodness, this fantastic offer couldn’t have come at a better time. We are finalizing plans today to buy two more of these great vehicles. So please put us on the list!

  2. If Canada could have access this could very interesting. Working now with a home and this might help in getting program off the ground. A real one is always better than a picture. !!

    1. Hi Gary
      This offer is for all of North America, so don’t hesitate to make your reservations now 🙂

  3. Great News! Glad these can finally come to the US! Put us down for 3 in San Jose, CA!

  4. hello Ole

    we are interested in 1 taxi .. the Town of Canmore has 2 #5001 … is the trioBike as capable or more capable as the 5001 when hills are considered?

    please advise – when not being used by my Mom she is happy for it to complement the ‘pool’ of 2 other trishaws in the CWA program. I am a CWA volunteer ‘pilot’.

    we would like to purchase asap. Guy 403 493-1267, Canmore Alberta, Canada



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