Americas Summit 2018

CWA’s Americas Summit 2018 just concluded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The three days were packed with talks, workshops, and social events that brought our attendees together in a very special way.

Among the official highlights: Linda Seemeyer, the Secretary of Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services, spoke about how CWA can play an important role in improving the lives of elders.  Don Wilson, a retired member of the Oshkosh police force, shared with us his personal story of how he became involved with CWA and how he introduced CWA to his department’s community policing initiative. Theresa Bertram, the president and CEO of our host Miravida living, guided us through several thought exercises focused on connecting our inner selves with our goals for our respective chapters. And several of our attendees spoke about their particular journies towards making CWA a part of their community.

We capped the Summit with a 26km/16mi 7-trishaw ride with some Miravida elders through the sometimes-rainy and definitely-windy Wisconsin countryside. Our passengers and pilots were up for the challenge, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

One major takeaway from the Summit: we are all in the business of building relationships. Our simple rides have a substantial ripple effect – on our passengers, on our pilots, and on our communities. CWA connects the three in a way very few if any other programs can. And the quantity and quality of our relationships have a major effect on our overall well-being.

Did You Know?

CWA has its very own Research Library! Okay, it’s virtual, and okay, it’s small, but it’s also real and growing. We currently have five ‘volumes’ of papers and reports that you can use to support what we all know to be true: that an active CWA program has a definite beneficial effect on it’s participants.

You can find the CWA Research Library in the Hub Files in Podio, precisely here. This information can be particularly useful for preparing grant applications, or for convincing a certain stubborn administrator that CWA yields tangible benefits to elders who participate.


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  1. I was not able to find your CWA Research Library as noted in the America’s Summit 2018 piece above.


    Alison Zack Darrell

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