Grant Opportunities in Your State

CWA has recently been selected to administer a grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services that will pay half the cost of up to 60 trishaws for skilled care nursing homes in that state. The grant money comes from the federal government’s “Civil Money Penalty” program, which is funded by fines assessed against Medicare nursing homes for various violations of federal care standards. These funds are returned to the states, to be used for projects that benefit residents of skilled care nursing facilities.

Some states are more active than others in awarding these grants, with Wisconsin being on the very active end of the spectrum. In the case of Wisconsin, grants can be awarded to a single facility for a single project, or for programs that are administered statewide that can benefit many facilities. CWA’s current program is a statewide one.

Please feel free to contact CWA if you are interested in learning more about CMP grants in your area. We are happy to help you apply for a CMP grant for your chapter, and welcome your help if you would like to assist CWA in applying for a statewide grant such as the one we are currently administering in Wisconsin.


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  1. Yes!!!! I would love your help in SD. Please contact me to get the process going. Thank you!

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