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This is the Cycling Without Age website dedicated to Canada and USA.

We are all heading on the same path that our grandparents were on. It is an inevitable journey of life. Cycling Without Age reminds us of that relationship with our elders and on our five guiding principles that we abide by.

It starts with the simple act of generosity. Give our time to them when they gave us their care and time. There are a lot of stories to be shared through storytelling from our elders, but also from us. They want to listen to us too and through this bridge we form relationships. We take our time, and the act of cycling slowly helps us take in the experience and appreciate it. Without age is the principle of how life does not end at a given age, but instead we can embrace what each generation has to offer through something as simple as cycling.

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Starting a chapter in your local community

If you would like to start a chapter of Cycling Without Age in your US or Canadian city, we would be delighted to help you get started.

We have launched a simple, royalty-free license model for individuals worldwide to become part of the movement and professional license for nursing homes and professional care facilities. Proceed to the “How To Get Started” page or if you have any questions, write us an email at We already have a wealth of experience in working with nursing home staff and management, city councils, other volunteer organizations, cyclists federations as well as great ideas of how to get the initiative off the ground and locals excited about it.

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