CWA McHenry County

Welcome to CWA in McHenry County

We are happy to have joined Cycling Without Age chapters in 42 countries. Cycling Without Age is an amazing experience. Nothing beats an elder’s joy, interacting with their pilots and the smiles of passengers returning from their first Trishaw ride with the wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and ready to share their stories.


Vision: Imagine living in one room where no one comes to visit, or being without the physical and/or mental capability to get out for a simple walk to feel the sunshine. Now envision gliding along a path, unencumbered by physical limitations, hearing the birds, feeling the wind in your hair, and sharing your stories. That’s what Cycling Without Age is all about.

Mission: Cycling Without Age McHenry County (CWA MC) is a wonderful program which provides free recreational rides on three-wheeled cycles called Trishaws, allowing isolated seniors to get outside, share stories and reconnect with their community. CWA MC’s mission is all about helping older adults reconnect with the wonder of nature and joy of storytelling, and thereby reclaim their potential for growth even with the physical and/or mental challenges of aging.

History and Goals: CWA MC started in early 2019 by representatives of various community groups with a common interest in helping older adults. “First Ride” occurred in August 2020 and the program continues to grow, with the long-term goal of providing a Trishaw ride to every isolated older adult in McHenry County who wants one. The intended outcomes of the program are to reduce social isolation, build bridges between generations, and encourage age-friendly communities, which all serve to strengthen the “social glue” between McHenry county residents.

Values: CWA MC values the visible and invisible qualities that make people who they are and is committed to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into all of its policies, practices, and programs.



The goals of CWA MC are twofold:

-For riders the opportunity to:

  • feel a part of society, reducing isolation
  • experience their neighborhood and nature from close up
  • share stories 
  • “feel the wind in their hair” 

-For pilots the opportunity to:

  • share their time and energy
  • slowdown from their hectic lives
  • share conversation in a gentle and caring activity
  • enjoy the physical benefits of cycling

Interested in participating?



Cycling Without Age McHenry County is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

CWA MC is able to provide rides at no charge because of the generosity of individuals, foundations, and businesses.

Donations can be made via paypal or by check. 

Donate via Paypal        

Checks should be made out to:

Cycling Without Age McHenry County
166 W. Crystal Lake Ave
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


CWA MC would like to thank the following donors: 

Platinum Spoke Sponsor ($20,000+)

Gold Spoke Sponsor ($10,000-$19,999)

Silver Spoke Sponsor ($5,000 – $9,999)

  • Full Circle Foundation

Bronze Sponsor ($2,000 – $4,999)

  • Greg and Holly Glover

Free Wheeler ($500-1,999)

  • Clearwater Capital Partners
  • Community Crosswalk
  • Crystal Lake Park District
  • Dan and Lynn Doherty
  • Door Service, Inc.
  • Harvard Senior Center
  • James and Peg Bolm
  • KA Fund
  • McHenry County Bicycle Club
  • McHenry County Conservation District
  • The Bike Haven

Friends (<$500)

  • Myles Adamson
  • Dylan Baker
  • Heidi Baker
  • Julie Baker
  • Marcia Baker
  • Sue Baker
  • Maryana Barcus
  • Heather Bechtel
  • Leslie Burgess
  • Ron and Cathy Cagle
  • Lyn Cablk
  • Stephanie Claussen
  • Stacy DeMarsh
  • Jackie Di Cecco
  • Julie Donley
  • Bridget Dudgeion
  • Erin Finlay
  • Dawn Gale
  • Tchalla Greene
  • Alison Hage
  • Angela Kalmerton
  • John Kremer
  • Jennifer Kuc
  • Richard Kuranda
  • Ralph and Mary Jo Losey
  • Suzanne “Sam” Martinez
  • Margaret Miller
  • Jessica Obenauf
  • Deputy Patrick Polidori
  • Elizabeth Proffitt Forsberg
  • Sharon Smith
  • Deb Stiles
  • Jessica Swearingen
  • Marybeth Urbin
  • Eberhard and Catherine Veit
  • Brenna Wing
  • Ruth and Jack Zabielski
  • Laura Zalnis
  • David Zeigler