CWA of Meridian

Who We Are

My CWA Story – I enjoy road cycling for exercise, for the challenge, and to feel freedom. I have always volunteered in some form – in the city zoo as a docent, but primarily as a parent volunteer in my children’s schools. Now my children are grown, I wanted to find a way to give back to my community in a way that aligned with my current career as a certified personal trainer. I had also noticed that in the last couple of years many of my clients are in situations where they are caring for their aging parents. And so this opportunity to manage a CWA organization seemed like the perfect fit for me. I originally only intended to volunteer as a pilot with Elaine Ambrose and the CWA Eagle, Idaho organization. (When I stumbled upon Elaine’s kickoff event, I had been test-riding electric bikes with my mother-in-law! It was meant to be!) When our plans in 2018 didn’t work out, she offered to transfer the organization to me. I couldn’t say no. I still wanted to help get seniors out of their dark rooms and onto a bike to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors. And therefore, I have continued with Elaine’s dream with CWA – Meridian, Idaho Chapter.



Kalynn McLain

208 724-0626