Cycling Without Age RVA (Richmond, VA)

Welcome to CWA in the RVA!

We are happy to have joined Cycling Without Age chapters in 42 countries. Cycling Without Age is an amazing experience. Nothing beats an elder’s joy, interacting with their pilots and the smiles of passengers returning from their first Trishaw ride with the wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and ready to share their stories.

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Cycling Without Age RVA is a non-profit organization in Richmond, VA. We offer charted bike rides (with electric assist!) to seniors and people with disabilities by volunteer cyclist pilots. We currently operate out of Saint Francis Home which provides residential and assisted care and services for older adults of limited financial means.

Travis Shaw with residents

Travis Shaw
Executive Director & Founder


The goals of CWA RVA are twofold:

  1. For riders the opportunity to:
  • Feel a part of society, reducing isolation
  • Experience their neighborhood and nature from close up
  • Share stories 
  • “Feel the wind in their hair” 
  1. For pilots the opportunity to:
  • Share their time and energy
  • Slowdown from their hectic lives
  • Share conversation in a gentle and caring activity
  • Enjoy the physical benefits of cycling

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