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The Loch Lomond Villa’s One Year Cycling Without Age Anniversary!

Last Year The Loch Lomond Villa took a big leap forward. We created an opportunity for our residents and members of the Saint John community to connect through the Cycling Without Age program. As the first facility in Canada to offer the Cycling Without Age program, we are excited to share our progress with the world! At The Loch Lomond Villa we believe that older adults can enrich their life journey at all points in their life. The Cycling Without Age program has allowed us to put this belief into action by giving our residents “the right to wind in their hair.”

Since the bike’s introduction into our community on September 1st, 2015, we have put 2722 kilometers on our bike, and given countless magic moments to our residents! The bike has allowed us to build friendships, create memories, and foster intergenerational relationships. It has connected us with our local community, and the healthcare community in Copenhagen. It has given us a new opportunity to learn and grow! The support we’ve gotten shows. When our pilots and residents head out, they are met with encouraging honks, waves, and cheers from our community!

Our pilots are Saint John locals. Many of whom only began their relationship with The Loch Lomond Villa one year ago. Today they are vital members of the Loch Lomond community, who have made friendships that will last forever. Cycling Without Age has provided us with unlimited possibilities. It is allowing us to change how people think about long term care.  Our resident Joan Doyle summed it up best when she said “When I get on the bike, within five minutes I feel like a kid again.” We can only imagine the opportunities Cycling Without Age will offer us in the coming years!

  • With 2722Kms in one year we could have traveled to Ottawa, Canada and back home again! Or we could have done one big trip to Georgia, U.S.A!
  • We have also made big connections with Copenhagen! Registering one of our pilots Holly McKay to the Cycling Without Age international summit this year!
  • Although the Canadian weather is not always the most favorable for biking, we’ve been able to incorporate the bike into our activities during the cold winter months! Mrs. Clause has been spotted around the Villa on Christmas Eve handing out presents! Our lovely couples have also been treated to bicycle rides for two on Valentine’s Day! Cycling Without Age lets us have fun with our residents!

Feel Free to Check out our media coverage: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2691116271

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