Shelly Sabourin

New Lead for the US Board of Directors

My passion for serving and giving back to those I care about is what drew me to CWA back in 2016. I was a Director of Nursing in a skilled nursing facility in downtown Madison at the time when I came across Ole’s TED Talk about Cycling Without Age. I knew immediately it was a program that I had to have for the residents in my care. I had the first CWA chapter in downtown Madison, WI and left that as my legacy at that organization.

I’ve promoted CWA ever since my first involvement. I bring not only my nursing
background in senior care for the last 18 years to the CWA organization but also my love, passion and commitment to ensuring the lives of our seniors are respected and provided for to ensure an exceptional quality of life as they age. My commitment and passion for diversity and inclusion in those I serve is a large part of my daily interactions and decision making processes. We all have a story to tell.

That’s the beauty of the CWA program. It gives a voice to our most vulnerable population, brings them back to life and gives an opportunity for that intergenerational connection to continue their legacy by being a guest in our senior’s lives and continuing their story. I bring operational and organizational leadership background to the organization and am thrilled to be a part of the US board of directors team.

My role as the lead for the US board is mainly to ensure that the organization has a US voice and ability to bring the affiliates together to have one place to assist with the fund collection piece of the organization. I look forward to working with CWA and assisting you in achieving your goals!

Shelly Sabourin
Board of Directors
(608) 963-8079