Limitless Cycling – Stillwater MN/Hudson WI

On the right, a black gear with an orange infinity sign overtop. To the left of it, there is an orange line. Above in bolded, all capital letters, "Limitless Cycling". Below the orange line in bolded, all capital letters, "Fun. Freedom. Friendship."


Welcome to Limitless Cycling

Limitless Cycling brings piloted adaptive bicycles to seniors, veterans, and those who are less abled to provide social interaction, movement, and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


It is our vision to acknowledge and embrace the diversity of our community. We promote inclusion so that all may have an opportunity to bike while creating equity for all.

Diversity is the balance of different cultures, races, sexes, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, disabilities, and many more things. It’s the ability to look at someone else and to realize they are different but not treat them as they are. Diversity is a way of saying “Yes! I know you’re different from me, but I accept it!”

From left to right: Tawnya Stepaniak. their mother, and Matthew Stepaniak

Matthew & Tawnya Stepaniak

“Mom has been living with us since she suffered a stroke in 2018. Unfortunately experiencing the joys of biking independently isn’t a reality anymore. As avid outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists all of our lives, we decided to accept this challenge and solve how we could make it a reality.”

Oie Dobier on Darren Dobier's back. They are in the woods in the snow.

Darren and Oie Dobier

“The mission of DIRO Outdoors is to get people outside and experience the benefits of Mother Nature. We’ve been looking for a way to provide outdoor experiences to disabled individuals. When we learned how others were using adaptive bikes to enhance communities, we knew we had to bring this to the St. Croix Valley.”

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This is a free service.
We do not sell these bikes nor are they for rent.
Each bike costs approximately $15,000
There are no paid positions in Limitless Cycling – This is 100% volunteer based.
Our funding comes from grants, donations, crowdsourcing, and the generosity of our community.
This truly is a labor of love for us.



Your donation allows us to continue to serve and honor those who could not normally enjoy the outdoors on their own. Limitless Cycling is a nonprofit organization that operates under a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship agreement graciously provided by the River Valley Trails organization.