St. Marys

Chapter Status & Plans

In August, Cycling Without Age St. Mary’s County (CWASMC) received our first trishaw!  The model we have is called the Christiania.  Right now the goal is to bring it around St. Mary’s County to group or individual residences and events, to be seen and promoted as much as possible.  Seniors, less-able individuals, or organizations may contact CWASMC to arrange a ride.  All rides are free.  Contact

About The St. Marys Chapter

In 2018 the idea to start the first chapter of CWA in Maryland was launched!  In August 2019 our first trishaw arrived from Copenhagen.  We are new, and the very first in the state!  As such, currently we are feeling our way forward for the best solutions to serve our community.  This includes the goal of having more trishaws servicing different parts of St. Mary’s.  All rides are free, but sponsors are encouraged to donate to the program to fund more trishaws.  When we have another trishaw, then the pilot training program will be launched.  Currently we need ambassadors for our local chapter to promote the new concept.


Rides available in St. Mary’s County!

Schedule a ride for yourself, someone you know, or for your organization.  If there are bike friendly areas in your area, the trishaw can come to you.  Other times we can meet at a bike-friendly route.  We can pre-scout your area for possible routes.  The Christiania seats 2 people, or 1 large person.  It is narrow enough to fit on standard sidewalks when road conditions are not favorable.  Small, low speed neighborhood roads and roads with wide shoulders are preferred.


Grace, 88, for her first trishaw ride; with Madison